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Dengue Test Kit
Dengue test kits are said to be visual, qualitative, convenient and rapid way to detect the dengue virus in the blood. Our offered products determine IgG and IgM antibodies in the plasma, serum or whole blood samples. Dengue test kits are highly reliable and instant. 
Rapid Test Kit
Rapid test kits are designed for quantitation and detection of antibodies. These are highly admired for the follow up of therapy and screening process. As the name suggest, our provided products provide rapid results after the detection process. Rapid test kits are highly efficient, easy to use and reliable. 
HIV Test Kit
HIV test kits are ideal for determining if someone has HIV. These utilized for performing the testing procedure on blood samples. Our offered products are found in laboratories. HIV test kits are considered as the most commonly used test. 
Method Kit
Albumin BCG dye method kit measures albumin without pre-treating the samples of plasma, serum and urine. For this product, no biological preparations are required. Albumin BCG dye method kit reduces the interference of proteins or lipids in samples.  
Pregnancy Test Kits
Pregnancy test kits are used at homes and hospitals for determining pregnancy in a woman. These are easy to use and can be easily used at homes without any difficulty. Pregnancy test kits are utilized when the woman misses her periods.
Blood Grouping Test
Blood grouping tests are done for preventing Rh immunization. These are used for testing if the pregnant woman is Rh positive. Our offered products are appreciated for high accuracy, reliability and easy usage. Blood grouping tests are basically a prescription medication.
Leishman Stain
Leishman stains are utilized for staining blood smears in microscopy. These are capable of differentiating between malaria parasites and trypanosomas. Leishman stains also helps in identifying white blood cells. Our products have maximum efficiency, accuracy and reliability. 
Urine Reagent Strips
Urine reagent strips are made for determining the changes in urine. These are integrated with dry chemistry pads that are dipped in urine for pathological testing. Urine reagent strips changes colour which helps in detecting the problem.
Laboratory accessories do not contain any kind of additives. These are sterilized and used for collecting the samples of blood specimen. The said offerings are ideal for serology, biochemistry and immunology tests. Laboratory accessories are applicable for mainstream biochemical analysers. 
Laboratory chemicals find their usage in the making of dyes, fertilizers and chlorides. These are also used for photographic, electroplating etc. Our offered products can be found in textile and rubber industries. Laboratory chemicals are non-toxic and safe to use. 
Monoclonal Antibodies

Anti human globulin (coombs) is an immunology laboratory procedure used to find antibodies against the body's circulating red blood cells (RBCs), which cause hemolysis. It works by attaching antibodies to the surface of red blood cells. Anti human globulin (coombs) is accurate and easy to conduct. 

Corona Test Kit
Corona test kits are ideal for testing if the person has symptoms of covid-19 infection. These work by nasal swabbing for obtaining the signs of respiratory infection symptoms. Corona test kits are easy to handle and provide accurate results. 
Laboratory Fixative
Laboratory fixatives are formulated for the prevention of enzyme and bacterial attack. These are persevered structures that are utilized for perfusion fixation processes. Laboratory fixatives are easy to use, highly reliable and accurate. Our products help in preserving tissues and cell components. 


Opticare microscope lens cleaner is formulated for safeguarding sensitive optical systems. It is efficient in eliminating dirt, grease, and oil. Our offering is gentle with lens coating and rubber. Opticare microscope lens cleaner has accurate composition and longer shelf life. 

Laboratory reagents are known for antibody screening, titration, compatibility testing and identification processes. These are helpful in enhancing the reactivity of blood grouping. Laboratory reagents also determine the presence of H antigen. Our products characterize red blood cells, platelets etc. 

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